Providing entertainment that inspires people to think and skills based training that helps them thrive is the core mission of Brainchild Enterprises, LLC (“Brainchild”).  We take joy in “Making Good Ideas Real,”  presenting audiences with “Stories That Matter,” producing fantasy based films and books about other places and possibilities that make spirits rise, and in providing “Practical Training for the Real World.”  We combine quality messaging, with crisp and compelling presentations, and distribute the resulting products through both traditional and new digital means.

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Intrepid MediaWorks focuses on edgier stories, films, and documentaries that implicate both larger social issues and the richness of the human experience – these are "Stories That Matter."  

Rising Spirit Films and Rising Spirit Entertainment focus on the production of films, television pilots, literary works, and new media projects that have a spiritual, horror, supernatural and otherworldly vibe.

H.R.U. MediaWorks focuses on the production of educational videos, mobile apps, and other materials for seminars and training programs to help develop skills and professional potential.  Trainings are based on a “Lessons Learned” format that draws upon the wisdom of those with a track record of success and who can provide practical insights.  


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